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Wednesday, April 21: Waiting to Hear from the HOA

We understand that the HOA Board met last night, and we have an email in to them requesting a meeting to discuss our proposal to support the HOA in maintaining the beavers' habitat in person.

UPDATE: A member of the HOA touched base and said they are busy with a work commitment at the moment but is planning to get back to us shortly, hopefully by tomorrow.

Our group has short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. Our short-term goals are to prevent our Glenview beavers from being trapped and killed and to support them in their current habitat. Our mid-term goals are to provide public education on beavers and on how humans can coexist peacefully with beavers, especially about how flooding problems can be remediated using water flow devices; and to begin to collect data on the number of “nuisance” beavers that are trapped and killed in the State of Illinois and the patterns underlying the numbers. Our long-term goals include reaching out to state legislators and politicians and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to lobby for the reclamation of wetlands in the state, particularly along the Illinois River, in order to save millions of dollars on water reclamation projects; improve the state’s water table; improve water quality; create storage floodwaters; create habitats for beavers and other wildlife that are attracted to wetlands such as fish, amphibians, and other mammals; address climate change; attract tourists to outdoor destinations; and provide a suitable sites to relocate beavers who have created nuisances in other areas.

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