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Tuesday, May 11, 2021: Behind the Scenes

Just an update on some behind the scenes stuff going on. We received responses from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources on some FOIA requests that included some helpful information and pointed us in the direction of what to ask for next as we try try to gauge where lethal beaver management is occurring throughout the state.

The Village of Glenview is waiting to hear back from its title company regarding ownership of the two parcels of land, and we are continuing to follow up on our request for the Village to develop a formal beaver management policy that doesn't include lethal methods of control. We are getting ready to reach out to the Village of Northbrook to start advocating for a formal beaver management policy in that Village.

We talked to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago to ascertain its beaver management practices. We will likely need to make public comments at the MWRDGC's meetings to convince the MWRDGC to start piloting the use of flow devices in its waterways.

We are finalizing our pitch to state legislators and are starting to compile names and contact information for officials at the Illinois Department of Agriculture, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, and other stakeholders who should be interested in learning low-tech process-based restoration of waterways and of nutrient farming and water quality credit trading.

Thanks to everyone who has been posting photos and videos of our Glenview beavers!!!

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