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Thursday, April 22: So Much for Earth Day

Jackie and I are at the site of the den along with Nicole Annaleigh. Irene is on her way. Unfortunarely, the beavers’ lodge has been dismantled by workers from the Village of Glenview. I have put in a call to the Village to discover how this travesty could have happened. A member of the HOA board came out and told us it was the Village and that the village came out to clean out the drains to the water retention system. The sewer access point is 42 feet away from where the lodge was.

The HOA board member would not let us cross the fence but he checked the pile of branch debris for us and didn’t locate any kits. We have no reason to believe that the beavers were injured although I’m sure this will be a stress on them on top of the partial demolition of the den last week.

We will keep you posted.

ETA: we have noted that a number of water access points in the retention ponds do not appear to have been touched or cleaned out in any way, just the one near the lodge.

Also, one of the beavers has been spotted on the shoreline!!!

ETA: I just got off the phone with two employees of village of Glenview. The workers cleared the lodge in error while trying to make sure that water access points were clear. They are attempting to send a guy over to help us look through the branches for kits. As one of the cofounders of the group, I want to make it absolutely clear that I believe it was an honest mistake on the Village’s part.

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