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Saturday, April 24: Book Club?

Both of our Glenview beavers were spotted at the ponds last night! Thank you to everyone who shared photos and videos; I will add them to our website later today.

Do you know how wildlife experts can tell the sex of a beaver? Unless a mother beaver is nursing, it is impossible to determine the sex of a beaver visually. Instead, researchers nudge the beaver into a cloth sack head first, turn the beaver upside down, and squeeze secretions out of his or her anal glands. Then they give the secretions a sniff. If it smells like motor oil, the beaver is a boy. If it smells like old cheese, the beaver is a female. (Eager, page 93)

Would you like to find out more interesting facts about beavers? I reached out to Ben Goldfarb, author of the book Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter, to ask him if he would be willing to do a book club with us. He said yes, just share some possible dates with him, and gave me the name of a contact at his publishing company so we could see if we could get a discount on his book for the book club.

So--is anyone interested in reading the book and participating in a zoom session with the author?

Just as importantly, we would love to find someone to coordinate the dates, contact the publishing company, and run the zoom session. Any volunteers?

Just a few other notes: Several people have asked us to supply contact information for the HOA board so they can reach out directly. Unfortunately that information was given to us in confidence and we are women of our word. Also, we do not believe a boycott of Glenview businesses is a productive way forward, so we will not approve posts in that vein. We are continuing to brainstorm our next steps and will keep you posted.

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