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Glenview Beavers Fan Club

Let's just learn to live with the beavers

The Glenview Beavers Fan Club is dedicated to changing the culture around the trapping and killing of beavers deemed a "nuisance" because of their tree cutting and dam building habits in the State of Illinois. Beavers are a keystone species and their habitats allow other animals, fish, birds, and amphibians to flourish. Humans need to do a better job of accommodating the beavers, especially when we are the ones who created attractive beaver habitats in the first place! We want to help property owners remediate beaver damage and prevent further damage, and to provide a model for other community groups to use when beavers are threatened in their neighborhoods.
Our offer: If you are a Glenview or Northbrook property owner or HOA, and you have beavers living on your property and in your pond or lake, and they have damaged some of your trees, and you are willing to commit to not trapping and killing or trapping and relocating them, the GBFC will supply you with trees at cost and, depending on the size of the project, help arrange for a service organization to come out and plant and protect the replacement trees. Taking it one step further, if you are willing to commit to supporting the beavers in their current habitat, we will fundraise to cover the cost of the replacement trees, and we will provide and plant free trees each year for the beavers' use.
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